Posted by: kimmycat | January 23, 2009

Day 1 – January 23rd 2009

My first official post! (I’m not including the post I made which introduces the site)


So obviously I took this picture at a grocery store. I’m sure the people surrounding me thought I was stealing an apple or something, the way I was fidgeting around in my bag trying to find my camera.

I have no idea why they have the produce next to the bakery. Its highly counter productive. That being said, the bakery is my favourite part of a grocery store. I love all the smells of the bakery – even the bread. I’d love to just sit there one day and watch them all day… But I think they’d find me kind of creepy.

Kimmy Cam

Let me introduce you to my star reporter, my cat Kimmy:


I was walking around my backyard one day in September 2002 when I could have sworn I heard meowing. I wandered around for a while, trying to figure out if I was crazy or not when I finally looked under the deck… and there she was. She was stuck so I called my sister out to help me and we got her loose. She was terrified of us at first. Being just a few weeks shy of 14 and absolutley ADORING cats, I fell in love with her instantly. She kept coming back to us and we started to feed her. A few weeks later, on my birthday (once I was convinced everyone else loved her too), I asked if we could keep her. Obviously, the answer was yes ;). She was incredibly friendly for a stray cat and she remains just as friendly today. She’s very attached to me (I don’t kid myself though, I know its only because I feed her).  She remains an outdoor cat and will wander away for hours, always back by betime or on other days she’ll just lounge around ALL day.


Today I tried on the Kimmy cam for the first time (I blurred out my last name and address). I was afraid she would hate it because the last time I put a collar on her she chewed right through it. Surprisingly, she didn’t care, although she is much older now. She was very anxious to get outside so I let her out. I prayed that she wouldn’t chew through it and lose my camera but she returned an hour later, everything in perfect condition! I had fun looking through her pictures but found nothing surprising. I picked one to share:


It looks like she heard a bird or squirrel up in the trees and looked up. I don’t see what she was looking at so it could simply be the waving of the flag, although how she got the American flag in the picture and missed the Canadian one is a mystery.

I live in Canada but my dad is American, giving me dual citizenship. I am FREQUENTLY in the U.S visiting may various scattered family members (including one of my brothers, the one who gave me the cat cam) and so outside of our house we have both flags 🙂 We also live not too far from the border so we’re still close.

Wow, I had fun doing this! I think I could keep this up 😉

Edit: After staring at the picture for a while I finally realized that my cat was sitting in the driveway, staring at the neighbour’s house and the wind blew the flag out. Makes a lot more sense now!



  1. Sweet! Does the Cat Cam only take still pictures, or does it do video as well?

  2. Nope, Just still pics but I can choose how often I want them to be taken and how near/far the zoom is too. Its pretty sweet and Kimmy doesn’t even mind it!

  3. Just so you know, I’ll be making sure that you keep up with your ‘one photo a day’ goal. 😛

  4. Good! Someone to keep me in line 😛

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