Posted by: kimmycat | January 24, 2009

Day 2 – January 24th 2009

Last night I made cupcakes:


They’re actually kind of boring. I really love to bake, but my FAVOURITE part of baking is decorating! Even on cheesecakes, when its only putting the fruit on top and making it look all pretty. I was tired last night so I didn’t do anything too elborate…


They taste good though and I guess thats the point ;). Usually I’m much more creative or elaborate when I make cupcakes. For example:


Which I made for a St. Patrick’s Day charity bake sale a friend had, or:


Which I made for someone’s birthday.

I wasn’t kidding when I said I took pictures of EVERYTHING. 😛 I always have a camera on me wherever I go.

Kimmy Cam

Last night, Kimmy was tired out from all the pictures she took yesterday:


I was worried she wouldn’t want to go out today, because it is fairly cold and she came right back in when I tried this morning. Thankfully, she did want to go out when I got home from work, so she did manage to get a couple shots:


I think she wanted to come in, awww. But not before she got this nice shot:


Geez, I think my cat is trying to upstage me! If she had a better camera I’m sure she would have too. Not too much exciting today as she really didn’t like the cold… Tomorrow afternoon is supposed to be a little bit warmer and sunny too, so here’s hoping for some good Sunday shots!



  1. Speaking of cupcakes:

  2. I still don’t get what that is 😛

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