Posted by: kimmycat | January 26, 2009

Day 4 – January 26th 2009

Being as it is officially 1 month (and 1 day) since Christmas, I have an incredibly appropriate picture for today:


I love Christmas lights. They’re so pretty! However every year, everyone at some point discusses with someone else WHEN Christmas lights should go up/come down.


Personally, I can’t stand it when people put them up WAY too early. Example: This year on November 1st I saw Christmas lights on one house, the next day on the one beside it and the day after that the one next to that. November 1st = TOO EARLY. I mean seriously, the day before was Halloween and we were celebrating fall, now you want to jump forward a whole month? My ideal date for when I don’t think Christmas lights are too early is December 1st. No one wants to put them up 2 days before Christmas, it takes away the fun of anticipation.


On the flip side however, how long should we leave them up? See, for some reason I don’t find myself too judgemental about how long they stay up. Obviously if its June and you still have your lights up, you’re just lazy. But otherwise if they stay up all through February for some reason I don’t mind. Maybe because if you live in the northern States or in Canada, you don’t take them down because there are piles of snow ontop of them (see above) and you’re just too lazy to take them down. I think people just like Christmas lights (me included).

Because I KNOW those people I saw in L.A. Last week with their Christmas lights up don’t have snow removal issues hindering them.

Kimmy Cam:

Before I begin, may I just say this can be very creepy to wake up to when you’re coming out of a very deep sleep:


I took this picture this morning about 30 seconds after I woke up (which is why it is a little blurry – my eyes weren’t adjusted to the light). I happened to have my camera within reach after loading up yesterday’s pictures. She is sitting on my chest.

However, I’m thinking I’m going to have to take my sister in law (ugh, I hate using that word, from here on in, she’s my sister), Linda’s, advice and put the camera on her one night while I’m sleeping… The potential creepiness of the results is kind of deterring me though…

…Anyways, not too msny interesting things happening in the world of Kimmy today. Oh, except her trying to show me up again.


I’m going to fire her soon and use the dog.

I did learn however, that she is MUCH more tolerant of the snow when no one is looking.


If I ever find a tiny snowman back there, I will be scared.

Also, they say that if you do something for three days straight it becomes habit. So, yay!



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