Posted by: kimmycat | January 27, 2009

Day 5 – January 27th 2009

Today, the elusive rabbits strike again:


In the winter I always find rabbit tracks in the snow, in my yard and the surrounding area. Yet I only ever see one maybe once a year if I’m lucky. Why? I have no clue. Its very frustrating to know that something is there, but you never see. Especially when every snowfall that sticks for a few days, these tracks appear without fail.

Especially since rabbits are kind of cute.

Also would you believe that this is the most slippery part of my driveway?


There isn’t ice under it or anything. Its just snow that has been trampled on so much and melted a bit. How do I know this is the exact spot? I slipped on it. Twice.

Kimmy Cam:

Well unfourtunatley someone was being spoiled today and didn’t want to go out. After lazing around all day, I forced her out for 20 minutes. The entierity of which, she spent doing this:


Yep. Most of the pictures are like this. So I guess she sure showed me. At least I get to pay homage to my Canadian half.

Why can’t she do something useful? Like chase rabbits? 😛



  1. Speed of elusive rabbits > speed of cat that gets fed far too much. 😛

  2. I’m sorry did you just call my cat fat? Again?

  3. I didn’t call her fat.

  4. You implied it.

  5. I may have implied it, but I didn’t call her fat.

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