Posted by: kimmycat | January 28, 2009

Day 6 – January 28th 2009



For some reason, my camera didn’t capture it properly, but it was snowing hard today. Sometimes I think I live in the North Pole! It just doesn’t stop. I hate when it snows so much that as you’re walking you get soaking wet…


This is how much snow is in my backyard. This is how long its taken to melt. How much do you think that is? No really, guess.

Here’s the answer:


Sorry I don’t have anything metric. That is equal to rougly 37.6 CM. WTF. Of course, with snow comes accidents:


(Blurred out lisence plates and street names for privacy)

This one happened right in front of me as I waited for the bus. It was kind of terrifying watching him slip and slide.

Although, seeing things like this, makes me hate the snow much less.


Kimmy Cam:

I have some bad news regarding the Kimmy Cam… But let me ease the disappointment by showing you this cute picture of her after a hard days work…


Isn’t she cute? Its a hard life…

Okay enough stalling. The amount of snow today has DESTROYED the kimmy cam. It no longer functions. I don’t know how it got through the protective casing but it did and it has ruined it. I suspected this one wouldn’t last long after I noticed a huge chunk missing from it 3 days ago.

So what does this mean? Not much. I ordered another camera (I can’t help it, I’m addicted too now.) and so now I have to wait until it arrives to post new pictures.

However, some good news: I am kind of a pack rat. I hadn’t yet gotten around to deleting the pictures she’s been taking since day 1. I have a lot on hand and although they may not be the best, they’ll have to hold you guys over until my replacement gets here.

Which kind of sucks, especially when you’re starting a new blog and trying to maintain and increase hits…

I hope you guys stick around until I get a new one, I’ll be posting pictures everyday still from me and some old kimmy cam ones too. So here’s Rejected Kimmy Cam Photo #1:


She really seems fascinated with the under workings of that car…


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