Posted by: kimmycat | January 30, 2009

Day 8 – January 30th 2009

As I was walking to the grocery store today, I was getting angry looks from drivers. Because I was walking on the edge of the road. Why?


Thats why. What you are looking at is the curb/sidewalk. I have no problem normally standing in piles of snow, waiting to cross the street, but I think thats where I draw the line. Where do they want me to walk, the middle of the road?

Today I cleaned. Thouroughly:


As opposed to the way I recieved it from my brother:


And the bookshelf of death too:


Although I really should take down my 2008 Calander… I need a 2009 one to do that though…

Kimmy Cam:


This is me in my pajama bottoms and boots LOOKING for her!

Sorry that this one is blurry, my options are kind of limited at the moment 😉 I’m working to extract the last images before Kimmy Cam #1 died and I will know whether I can or not tomorrow!

Kimmy Cam #2 on the way. 🙂



  1. My street doesn’t have a sidewalk and is rarely plowed so I’m forced to walk in the semi-middle of the road too. D:

  2. Lol do motorists give you dirty looks too? Like “GET OUT OF MA ROAD”?

  3. What do you mean catcam #1 died??? =(

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