Posted by: kimmycat | February 6, 2009

Day 14 – February 6th 2009

Today I have a theme!!! And its ORANGE!:


These contacts, while freaky, are awesome! My sister wore them out yesterday and believe me they look MUCH scarier in person than they do in a picture. I thought our waitress at the Japanese place was going to turn and flee in fear. She looked really afraid.

So, in continuing with the orange theme, I found another thing that looks kinda cool close up:


Ahhh, KD. The culture of the University student.

Kimmy Cam:

I’m getting tired of going through my rejects! Really, they’re not all that interesting seeing as how I’ve posted anything cool. I REALLY can’t wait until my new one comes. Especially if it ends up getting warmer out and she goes to her secret places.

Today I let her outside and a few hours later found her trapped in the basement!! I checked everywhere and have found no logical way for her to have gotten there. I sure would have killed for my Kimmy Cam then 😦


I thought it kept nicely with the orange theme (leaves).



  1. hmmmm new contacts?

  2. Yes, they came free with some other ones she got.

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