Posted by: kimmycat | February 7, 2009

Day 15 – February 7th 2009

I was at a mall today, not shopping (I’m dead serious), and I saw something peculiar…


This would be the 2010 Mazda 3. Why it was in a MALL, I have no idea. Here, look at it some more:


and again:


My pictures aren’t the best quality because I really wasn’t supposed to be taking them so I was doing so hurridly. In other news:



ITS MELTING!!!! (R.I.P Roof Icicles) Today we were supposed to break a record for the warmest February 7th since 1990 (5.7 C). Yay? It was really nice to step out into the warmth today though, despite the fact we know the cold and snow shall make a return 😉

Kimmy Cam:

Once again, I wished I had it today, she came back FILTHY but I have no idea where she could have gone to become that dirty! AHHH THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!


THE KIMMY CAM LIVES!!!! I got annoyed and fiddled with it today full of hope and miraculously it suddenly came to life! YAY!!!! I’m REALLY happy! She’s out exploring in the nice warm weather now so KIMMY CAM RESUMES TOMORROW!

Nope, Still broken. UGH!


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