Posted by: kimmycat | February 13, 2009

Day 19 – February 13th 2009

I didn’t post last night because I was out! I’ll get to that in a sec but first:


Every 3 months the glass is broken on this bus stop. I have NO idea why, but it is a little alarming. I know one incident was caused by a car and the other I have no idea. But seriously, what did this bus stop ever do to anyone?


Oh, Chapters, how concisely you put everything.

Anyways, Last night I went to Twestival:


That screen was placed randomly and if you made a twitter post with the tag #TwestivalTO it would appear. Everyone was posting little things from their phones while they were there. I’m sure you can guess which one was me, and yes there was a very creepy guy staring at me. I didn’t notice him staring again after this. Hahaha.

This was basically a twitter event to raise money for charity and a group of us went because we thought we could spare the money for charity. It was kind of cool, but they could have done more. I think the main issue is inviting a lot of geeks to a SOCIAL event.


Hehe, I love Toronto ❤


Another awesome thing: Crepes! So good! If you have never had one, go have one 😛

However in the Crepes vs. Waffle debate I am still firmly a Waffle supporter. Crepes are really good and all, but Waffles are so warm and fluffy and homey! Thoughts?



  1. ok so i know you ❤ wordpress. but i do want to read your new blog so i made an rss of this blog on lj. just so i can keep up with your entries 🙂

    you can see it here, but i’ll make sure to post on your wp instead of the rss lj.

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