Posted by: kimmycat | February 19, 2009

Day 25 – February 19th 2009

Is it pathetic that sometimes I STILL write 2008? Maybe. Is it as pathetic as the way the Canadian media OBSESSED over the fact Obama was here all day? No. Give the guy room to breathe! Poor guy had to hang out with Harper all day. I think my brain would become mush very quickly. This was him by the end of the day:


An excellent question Barack. Next time you should find out.


The food yesterday was so good. We even had out own little turnstile for everything to sit on and when you wanted to keep someone from eating everything it was very easy to do so conspicuously. Not only is the food good there, the view is too:


And I will conclude, of course, with my favourite part of Toronto




  1. i like that obama photo hehe

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