Posted by: kimmycat | February 20, 2009

Day 26 – February 20th 2009

Today is what I call a “slow-picture day”… But I do have this:


This is a cheese pie, from Brazil. I do mean that this was made in Brazil. My mum’s friend brought it back yesterday from Brazil as a thank you for something. So last night I had cheese pie that was made earlier that morning in Brazil. That is kind of mind boggling. When I go to Paris in May, I am bringing back fresh pastries for my friends and they can feel the sheer awe that you feel staring at food made that morning on another continent.

I don’t have much else so everyone can watch this video I made a year ago (its not very interesting). All hail the HypnObama:

P.S, Weather from the Toronto Star half an hour ago:


Seriously, they PAY someone to inform the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) that there are a few clouds in the sky AT NIGHT TIME. WHO CARES??? (Aside from Astrologists who probably can figure it out for themselves anyways.)



  1. LOL hypnobama
    that pie looks interesting, and bringing a pie all the way here from brazil would be quite a task.

  2. I kinda want to know what the inside of the pie looks like.

  3. It looks kind of like cheese :P. If we still have it, I’ll post a picture tonight.

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