Posted by: kimmycat | February 23, 2009

Day 27 – February 23rd 2009

I tried making this post all day yesterday but kept having technical issues and gave up. So lets hope all goes well today!


Costco is a terrifying yet wonderful place. The ceiling level always scares me because its so high up (and could fall on you) and then they pile their shelves very close to the top, well out of human reach and sometimes sight. You gotta wonder what kind of stuff is up there in the middle away from the edges. I’ll bet its a gold mine. Costco is great for buying things in bulk, however when you want one package of gum…


Kind of sucks.

If someone were to ask me about the best 9 dollars I’ve ever spent, I now have an answer.


Cables to hook up my laptop to my TV. It is AWESOME. I can now watch YouTube on my TV. And stream online videos. And stuff. Seriously though I love it.

I’m having way too much fun with them.


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