Posted by: kimmycat | February 25, 2009

Day 29 – February 25th 2009

Today while at the grocery store I had the strangest thought (these are not uncommon):


So imagine you’re going over to someone’s place for something. They call you at home before you leave and ask “Oh hey could you pick me up some cheese?” and you say yes. You get to the grocery store and at that exact moment you realize you have NO IDEA what kind of cheese to get them and yet A LOT to choose from. (No you don’t have a cell phone, that’s cheating.)  Firstly, what KIND of cheese do you get? Secondly do you buy it in slices, a block or shredded. Seriously, what would you do!?

My dad says I think too hard about everything. I think he’s right. Sucks it doesn’t have an on/off switch.

Also, I don’t know if you’ve gotten the impression in this blog that I may be incredibly clumsy but for the record I am stating I am and here’s proof:


Toothbrush  : 1
Kathleen     : 0

Kimmy Cam News!

YES! I actually got news today in the form of an e-mail. Here’s an excerpt:

Your order is on the way ! It was shipped on February 18th, estimated shipping duration is 2 weeks international and 3 days USA.

Um… Thanks for taking forever to ship it. But also, why does it take two weeks for anywhere from the US… 😛

I think I’ll go check the Toronto Star weather report… Todays forcast: -2 with a chance of stupidity.



  1. omg wtf happened

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