Posted by: kimmycat | February 28, 2009

Day 31 – February 28th 2009

Why is it that whenever it is absolutley freezing outside the sky taunts you:


Perfectly clear and blue and gorgeous but the second you step outside you’re an icicle. If that’s not enough, on these freezing days its usually sunny too.


Its almost like a trap to lure you out into the icy death.


Even the ice is flat, smooth and perfect looking despite the fact that ice almost never actually looks like that.

I still blame the groundhog.

Kimmy Cam:

Its baa-aack. Unfourtunatley you’re all going to have to wait for monday for something interesting as the spoiled little animal didn’t want to stray to far from the door.


She just sat there, staring at the car. You can kind of see her reflection 😛


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