Posted by: kimmycat | March 1, 2009

Day 31 – March 1st 2009

I know I normally don’t post on Sundays but I had a thought:


With the kind of cell phones we have today that aren’t really cell phones but handheld computers their capabilities are endless. Now imagine if you were to utilize them in a game of tag the borders of which were much larger than a backyard – like a city. How awesome would that be? A game of tag with your only weapon being your cell phone. Tiny – yet powerful. You could call your opponents to taunt them, send them text messages saying that you can see them from where you are, send them pictures of themselves looking from you moments before. Now add maybe 8 more people and when someone else gets tagged you would text message everyone else to let them know someone else is it. Form alliances, hop on and off busses. Maybe I’m just being geeky but I seriously think it would be REALLY fun. Especially if you have imperfect GPS in place that can tell you where someone is within a 2 block radius so you know they’re near but not exactly where.

If I can ever find enough people willing to do this I swear I will. And then Ultimate Tag will be born.



  1. what i’d like to know is why is there a picture of me in your pajamas

  2. Cool idea! Maybe it’s because I’m obsessed with it, but I think you could implement the game using Twitter. Well, if you’re thinking about a smaller scale game to start off with. You could make an account that tweets announcements in the game (such as who is ‘it’) and people would follow that account and @reply to send information or photos in.

    To get more participants you could maybe have people sign up and pay $2 or something and in the end the last person standing could win the prize money?

    Hopefully nobody will steal your idea before you get to do it yourself though. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Well I cut out your head and didn’t mention anything about who it was cause I needed a picture of someone running ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. That would work too. This is an idea in the making – we shall be the creators of ultimate tag.

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