Posted by: kimmycat | March 3, 2009

Day 32 – March 2nd 2009

One thing I LOVE about Mississauga Transit is how warm it is when you get on the bus:


The TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) could really learn something from them. The subway cars are always nice and warm but the busses never quite make it. If you are warm while riding a TTC bus its because of the 20 people pressed up against you keeping you warm with their body heat. Especially if you’ve ever ridden the Dufferin Busses. Those busses which allegedly make “frequent stops” can leave you standing in the cold forever. I think the longest I ever waited was 45 minutes. Sometimes there will be up to 5 busses in a row and most of them will just pass you because they’re full to the brim because of all the people that accumulated while they took forever. Then after waiting that long you get onto the not-so-warm bus and are pressed into crowds of people.

And they charge $2.75 for that experience.

Kimmy Cam:


“Did you know that your cat is wearing a camera?”

a) No. I had no idea. Thanks for the info.
b) ORLY?
c) Yes, and now I shall post photo evidence of your feeble attempts to get into my house as photographed by her.

All would of the above would have been better than my actual answer.

“……..Um…………….Yes?” *nervous laughter*

This is not my sister. This is her friend. My sister later informed me that it is her new goal to be captured by the Kimmy Cam. Game on.



  1. oh man when richard and i get a dog i’d so want to get one of those pet cams! we want to get a black chow chow and name him adam west, yeah we’re weird.

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