Posted by: kimmycat | March 13, 2009

Day 40 – March 13th 2009

ITS FRIDAY THE 13TH! I knew I shouldn’t have picked today to submit a job application somewhere. Keeping with the theme:


I love looking at the moon and sometimes its looks so interesting that I want to take a picture of it. But they never turn out. Here is one of the lunar eclipse last February:


Its so crappy but that eclipse looked so awesome! If anyone ever knows of a way to get better, non-crappy pictures of the moon, let me know.

Kimmy Cam:


My cat is becoming a very creepy lurk. I’m growing concerned.




  1. yeah i tried taking a photo of the lunar eclipse last year but since i don’t have a huge lens it doesn’t work. plus when there’s a light source it kinda radiates out, so it makes it hard to take a really good photo because of the flare.

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