Posted by: kimmycat | March 17, 2009

Day 42 – March 17th 2009

Before I get down to business, I just wanted to say how awesome it is that the 42nd post is being made on St. Patrick’s Day. This is made of awesome.

HAPPY ST.PATRICK’S DAY! Many greetings to my fellow Irish and for those of you who are Irish for the day 😉


I thought I would post a couple pictures from my visit to Ireland in 2006 for the occasion. Very few pictures survived this trip due to camera issues. The issues being the only person who owned a camera at the time was slacking and most of the pictures were ones I stole the camera to take.


One thing about Ireland is the MASSIVE  number of sheep that roam free, EVERYWHERE. Just FYI, if you chase them they get very angry.


Here is one sheep keeing an eye on me while I grab a picture of the hillside. They frighten me.


One of the prettiest sunsets I’ve ever seen. 😀

May the luck o’ the Irish be with you all!

…hehe 42. (If you don’t know why 42 is so funny click here)

Kimmy Cam

The following picture is a little warped but is still interesting.


If you look carefully, you can see part of a stray cat. I have never seen Kimmy go anywhere near this cat, so this is veeeeery interesting.



  1. maybe the stray cat gave your cat some lsd. because that’s what i’d imagine a cat would see while on lsd!

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