Posted by: kimmycat | March 20, 2009

Day 44 – March 20th 2009

Happy First Day of Spring!


Anyone who has Facebook is far from oblivious about the recent layout change. In fact, most are opposed to it. This is a screenshot I took of a vote on the new layout on Tuesday March 17th at 1P.M.


I know it’s small but it reads:

6,026     For the new layout
73,303 Against the new layout

And here is a screenshot of the same vote, taken at 12:15 P.M today:


57,880    For the new layout
946,840 Against the new layout

This lead me to create the following list.

How to piss people off according to Facebook in 18 (so far) simple steps:

1)  Create something that people would be interested in.
2)  Make it addicting.
3)  Get people addicted.
4)  Get lots of people addicted.
5)  Enchance product to make it easier to get more people addicted
6)  Abruptly, for no reason, change layout of product.
7)  Ignore critisisms.
8)  Remove option to switch between layouts.
9)  Ignore critisisms.
10) Wait.
11) Change policies to something unreasonable.
12) Wait for mass reaction.
13) Reverse change of policy and ask people to help fix it.
14) Wait for them to feel secure.
15) Change layout again, just as people stop complaining about the last change.
16) Ignore critisisms.
17) Revel in the fact that most people are too attached to leave.
18) Laugh.




  1. i wish i could hack facebook and put my one vote of “i really don’t give a shit” there. that’d be great.
    i love that check, i wish i was that great and could write that to my landlord LOL

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