Posted by: kimmycat | April 1, 2009

Day 50 – April 1st 2009

Well, my cat has officially gone on strike and refuses to cooperate with the Kimmy Cam anymore… So now I bring you…

Turtle Cam:


This is my new ally, Mr. Turtle. Mr. Turtle is very photogenic (address blurred out for privacy):


I will be attaching my camera to Mr. Turtle and following his everyday activities, observing his hiding spots and locating his nest:


He has taken to it quite well but in the event, this turtle does not like the Kimmy cam…:


Woodpecker cam will have to suffice.

April Fools 😉 (Yes it was lame, but its also kind of funny, right?)



  1. Congrats on your 50th entry!

    I love the spiky collar on your turtle, he’s such a rebel LOL.

  2. That is actually a Tortoise, not a turtle. And I think it is a Gopher Tortoise.

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