Well I’m a 20 year old University student who loves the internet and loves taking pictures! I think blogs with pictures are fascinating! I haven’t seen too many (although I’m sure there are some) So I thought I’d start my own. I want to chronicle my days through pictures and put them here to share with anyone who is interested. For some reason reading about the lives of strangers can be fascinating because its so real!

My Goal:

– Post at least 1 picture everyday (unless I don’t have an internet connection, which I will announce before hand)
– Write a little description
– Write something related
– Find people to enjoy it!


Well, I find my life somewhat boring and I’m doing this in hopes to inspire myself to do interesting things or if not, find something interesting about something everyday. Also, I hope to improve my photography skills because its something I love to do.

The Kimmy Cam:

Another thing inspired me to do this – For Christmas this year, my brother gave me this awesome tiny little camera that goes on your cats collar, and takes pictures at random intervals. My cat, being an outdoor cat, I thought she may find some interesting things that most don’t see. So I thought that would be fun too.  I’m serious, I have a little camera that goes onto my cats collar and takes pictures at 15 second intervals.  I’ll try to post those everyday too.


Mostly this is something I’m doing for fun, but I’d love to hear from anyone who is around! Comments, suggestions, thoughts ALWAYS welcome! I love hearing different perspectives so please share! 😉


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